Small Town Throwdown

The Fit For Life Games Presents the Small Town Throwdown during the Baltimore Festival!

Are you ready to Throwdown!?!
Think your team is ready to throwdown with the best in the area?



WIN $5,000 CASH!

Not ready to take on the best but still want to throwdown? In the scaled division your team will still have a chance to WIN big with a prize of $1,000 CASH! No Fire Breathers allowed!
The Small Town Throwdown will be for everyone!
Our Masters and Teens Divisions will be on the same stage and have a chance to WIN some CASH!

Individual Teens

$500 Cash!

Master Teams

$1000 Cash!

Teams Scaled

$1000 Cash!

Teams RX

$5000 Cash!

All Teams get a t-shirt and swag bag.
Additional prizes for top 3 teams but winner take all with the cash!

Movement Standards


  1. Pull Ups
  2. Deadlift 225/155
  3. Clean and Jerk 115/85
  4. Snatch 95/65
  5. Knees to Elbows
  6. Single Unders Backwards
  7. Box Jump/Step 24/20
  8. Kettlebell Swings 53/35/20
  9. Dumbbell Movements 50/35/20
  10. Wall Ball 14/10
  11. Plank
  12. Swim


  1. Chest to Bar Pull Ups
  2. Deadlift 315/245
  3. Clean and Jerk 205/135
  4. Snatch 185/115
  5. Toes to Bar
  6. Double Unders
  7. Box Jump 30/24
  8. Kettlebell Movements 70/53/35
  9. Dumbbell Movements 70/53/35
  10. Wall Ball 20/14
  11. L-Sit
  12. Swim

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